10 Sep 2016

Patriot Day

15 years ago tomorrow the people of the United States turned to God in unprecedented fashion as our nation came under brutal surprise attack from foreign terrorists. God, in His mercy, held our hands as we worked to put our lives and our country back together.

Most nations don’t survive attacks like Americans did on September 11th, 2001! The impact of terror on our national infrastructure, our security, our defense, our economy, and our basic way of living should have spelled the end of the United States of America. Historically and statistically, we shouldn’t even be here! But on Sunday, September 16th, 2001, Americans filled up the churches and God was moved. As He had done so many times throughout American history – GOD RESCUED US – – when He owed us nothing!! Today, we are not broken and impoverished slaves but instead you and I enjoy vacations, televisions, high-tech cars, iphones and androids, great restaurants, sports, and countless other joys! Today, your kids are free! Looks to me like we owe God some thanks.