The Lord blessed us by letting us be members of Southwest Baptist Church in OKC for many years! For your enjoyment, we have placed some special preaching below recorded live during various church services. May it bless you as greatly as it blessed us!

 Bro. Sam Davison (Pastor Emeritus, Southwest Baptist Church, OKC, OK)

Threats To The Church

Investment Opportunity, Returns Guaranteed

The Sluggard At Harvest

The Eternal Word

Bigger Than Adonijah

David Was No Bargain Hunter
Except Ye Repent

Finally A Wise Son!

His Mercies Are Great

If Ye Had Faith

No One Makes It Alone
The Church of Opportunity

Unnecessary Famines
When Counseled – Think Deep

So Solomon Was King

Very Sad and Very Glad

Friend Day Ambassadors

Integrity – A Rare Quality
A Friend of Sinners
Foundational Principles For Life

A Storehouse Full of Grace

Building A Building For God

Bro. Jason Gaddis

(Southwest Baptist Church, OKC, OK)

Singing In Tune With The Will Of God

A Way To Escape

From Indifference To Repentance

Perfect Forgiveness

Say “Holy”

Bro. Ted Inman

(Southwest Baptist Church, OKC, OK)

Words of Grief, Words of Grace

The View From Above

What The World Needs Now More than Ever

Know-So Salvation

Four Responses To The Gospel

Consider Jesus

Those Asleep, Those Awake & Those Asleep

Bro. Russ Bishop

(Lighthouse Baptist Church, Edmond, OK)

No Respect of Persons

Bro. Dave Hardy (Hardy Ministries)

To Die Like Paul, You Have To Live Like Paul

The Man Who Would Not Try


The Foundation For Missions

Bro. W.L. Smith (GLOBE Ministries)

Turtle On A Fence Post

Flagship Of Missions

Pentecost & the Holy Spirit

Bro. Wayne Hardy (Bible Baptist Church, Stillwater, OK)

Battling The Blur, Part 1

Battling The Blur, Part 2

Bro. Steve Roberson (Calvary
Baptist Church, Red Bank, TN)

Who Has Your Heart?

Compelling One

Bro. Bruce Turner

(West Gate Baptist Church, Tampa, FL)

Give God The Glory

Bro. Bill Marshall (Bible Baptist Temple, St. Joseph, MO)

What A Word Is This!

Bro. David Gibbs, Jr. (Christian
Law Association)

Living On the Edge

Prayer Busters

How Good Are You At Getting Small For God?

Being In Step With God


Bro. Matt Furan (Calvary Baptist Church, Niagara Falls, NY)

Is It Nothing To You?

Bro. Kevin Folger (Cleveland Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH)

The Refiner’s Fire

Bro. Don Sisk (West Coast Baptist College)

The Lord Hath Need of Thee

Bro. Larry Brown


Bro. Ron Comfort (Ambassador Baptist College)

Going Down

Bro. Steve Grubbs (Shenandoah Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN)

Seeing Clearly

Bro. Stephen Benefield (Missionary)

The Only Jesus That Somebody Knows

Finishing The Race

Bro. Joel Solomon (Missionary)

To God Be The Glory

Bro. Kerry Nance (Southside Baptist Church, Tampa, FL)

God’s Man & God’s Plan

Bro. Kenny Baldwin (Crossroads Baptist Church, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA)

The Old Path

Bro. Lou Rossi (Countdown Revival Ministries)

America’s Greatest Sin

Bro. Ed Pearson (Heartland Baptist Bible College)

Moving Forward

Then Came Jesus

Bro. Richard King

Five Secrets To Living

Bro. Dave McCracken (Evangelist)

The Church That Jesus Built


Bro. John Bishop (God Is So Good Ministries)

Lifting The Heart

Bro. Marc Monte (Faith Baptist Church, Avon, IN)