04 Aug 2016

Summer sizzle!

It’s summertime in Arkansas and that means HEAT & HUMIDITY!!! You may think we melted away since it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything! We’re fine…just busy with life & ministry!

Back in June, we enjoyed some time in Colorado Springs with Holli’s parents. We also took an excursion to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota! What an incredible sight! We even camped out in Rapid City overnight. Granted, we had electricity and WiFi, but it was still camping…we did sleep in a tent (ok, on an air mattress!)! Here are a few pics from the trip.



We also spent a day driving to and from Durango, CO, where we had lunch with some of Mike’s family. The drive was incredibly scenic! We drove over Wolf Creek Pass (10,856 ft.) which was scary but beautiful!!



Sierra even found a new friend, Tasha. Okay, so they didn’t really get along. This is as close as they ever got to each other…at least without hissing and chasing each other away!


Thanks for stopping by to check on us!! :)